Training course :
Getting started,
gamification and methodology

Distance learning
Beginner level
6 x 90 minutes

Quickly become autonomous technically and methodologically autonomous with VTS Editor.

Know and be able to use all the features of the SILVER package of VTS Editor;

Use VTS Editor to design immersive simulations by yourself;

Learn and use our methodology of scenario-based educational design;

Know and use the gamification tips in VTS Editor ;

Choose, assemble and deploy VTS Experiences on different platforms (LMS, mobile, Web).

Getting started with VTS Editor;

Advanced Gamification with the help of Clickable Zones;

Deepening of the technical blocks (Flags, Counter, …);

Methodology of scenarized pedagogical design;

Personalized coaching on the realization of its first experience;

Deployment and statistics feedback with VTS Editor.

Diagnostic Interview (30 minutes);

6 sessions of 90 minutes (9h)

Our distance learning courses use a screen-sharing tool and require the use of VTS Editor.

Instructional designers, people in charge of training, instructional engineers, Digital Learning project managers, training managers, trainers;

Anyone in charge of training who wants to integrate experimentation courses into their classroom, blended or e-learning training courses.

Be familiar with Mac or Windows computer environments;

Have the SILVER package of VTS Editor;

To have a project of pedagogical scenario of simulation to build and implement, usable to practice the software VTS Editor.

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