Raise awareness regarding Schizophrenia

Objective: In order to raise the press awareness about Schizophrenia, Janssen organised in October 2016 2 majors events: A press conference and a “Schizo Lab”.

Solution: During these events and to allow a better understanding of the disease, Serious Factory designed in collaboration with Janssen a virtual simulation experience where journalists were immerged in the shoes of a schizophrenic patient.

Results: Thanks to this simulation, journalists find out in a ludic and immersive way an unknown disease and can talk about it afterward using the right words and feelings since they experienced it. This initiative got rewarded with the Gold price at Communication and health fair in 2016 in the category “Public health communication, prevention and awareness.

“The Occulus gear VR is a prime example of a technology at the service of health. This immersive experience, which scenario was written by Dr. David Travers a famous Psychiatrist at CHU Rennes, will allow families and young professionals to better apprehend schizophrenia. If it’s obvious that we still have a long way to go, Virtual reality seems like a step in the wrong direction against the stigmatisation of mental diseases. “

Dounia Malki, Journalist

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