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Imagine an authoring software that allows you to :

  • Easily create your simulations and update them regularly
  • Reduce iteration times
  • Put your creativity at the service of your learners...

Quickly create your immersive and gamified training experiences with VTS Editor, our authoring software. VTS Editor

Easily deploy and qualitatively analyze performance with VTS Perform VTS Perform

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We believe in training for all learners who do not have priority access to it today.

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Success stories
VTS Editor authoring software allows you to easily create behavioral simulations whose only limit is the imagination. Thanks to VTS Editor, we are now able to offer a digitized training offer.

Cathia BIRAC, Associate Director of VitalSmarts France.

Learning Concept is "completely autonomous to create and modify its experiences. The company has more than 40 modules on different themes such as management and is in the process of translating them into different languages, different contexts, which is particularly easy with VTS Editor

Nathalie VASSEUR, Managing Director of Learning Concept

Thanks to the gamified and interactive nature of the modules, those who used to see training as restrictive are now its main users & promoters!

Maryse SANGARIN, Training Coordinator at PRO BTP Groupe.

Well aware that there will always be a first time on the patient, the simulation object in training pursues the idea of ​​making this first time more comfortable and secure. VTS Editor allows us to create these immersive educational devices by confronting learners with highly contextualized situations in a protected environment thanks to the virtual.

Christine HEUZE, Multimedia educational engineer at AP-HP.

The advantage of this type of project, mixing the reality of the company and virtual simulation, is to put students in the place of recruiters. They can then anticipate the questions that may be asked to them in the future. The effect is thus twofold: the student develops reflexes to adopt in order to succeed in future job interviews, and also acquires ease in their preparatory research work on a company.

Marion Petipré, Training Manager at Paris Descartes University..